Partech invests in Weglot, the category leader for no-code web-app localization

3 min readMar 24, 2022


At a time where parts of the globe are withdrawing in isolation, we are committing to be long on a connected and collaborative world. We are thrilled to announce our €45M investment in Weglot, the leading no-code localization solution serving more than 50,000 websites in 160 countries. The company’s solution enables any web application to go multi-lingual in just minutes in an SEO friendly way.

Founded in 2016 by Augustin Prot and Rémy Berda, Weglot has pioneered a truly novel approach to localization, with the view that handling multilingual websites could be streamlined. The software handles translations on the server side and is delivered to clients through a no-code user interface, to facilitate the easy management of fine-tuning that is always necessary in translations.

Weglot has already enjoyed an impressive journey of profitable growth, but we believe it is only the beginning. We are very excited to team-up with Augustin & Rémy on their mission to create a global category-leader.

The problem to solve

A large and growing group of companies require localization services. Indeed, companies can sell internationally faster than ever before thanks to (i) globalization; (ii) the emergence of new generation facilitators, such as Shopify; and (iii) the diminishing cost of translation itself.

But localization is a painful process. It involves going back and forth between translators, project managers, developers and the sales and marketing teams several times. All these parties traditionally exchange XML files to perform a number of tasks, not only translation but also proofreading or approving changes. Developers then need to integrate each language separately in the CMS (content management system) which can quickly become overwhelming, slowing things down tremendously.

Weglot’s solution

Weglot’s approach is truly a paradigm shift for the translation industry. Pages are translated on the fly — no more exchanging XML files — which eliminates the need to have developers in the loop, saving time and valuable resources. In a matter of minutes, clients can have a first-rate translated version of their web-app based on automated translation. From there, the process of fine-tuning is streamlined, automated and always optimized for multilingual SEO.

Weglot’s outstanding customer reviews are a testimony of the quality of its product, highlighting the importance of the need its solution satisfies. We are firm believers in product-led organizations, who focus on answering critical customer needs through product quality, making it the core engine of sustainable growth. Weglot clearly exhibits those qualities.

What does the future hold?

With this latest round, Weglot is ideally positioned to capture a large opportunity ahead and become the undisputable category leader in no-code web-app localization. Augustin & Rémy have assembled a top-notch team around them to help realize their vision and build a strong culture combining humility, ambition and pragmatism.

We are proud to partner with the Weglot team and their existing investor SIDE Capital for the next chapter of Weglot’s story and look forward to the journey ahead together.

The Partech Team.




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