Partech 2021 Overview

Let’s review what 2021 looked for Partech.

We invested $364M in 32 countries across 6 continents, more than double the amount of capital that was put to work in 2020.

29 new companies joined the Partech portfolio, with a total of $26M invested. Take a look at some of their profiles here:

Almentor, Billogram, Elopage, Finantier, Groover, Hoggo, Mooncard, Plum, Rohlik, Skello, StuDocu, TestGorilla, Tugende, Vyne, Walkie Talkie. And in spite of the ongoing challenges faced, with the effects of the pandemic still being felt, our portfolio companies still raised 150% more in capital in 2021 than the previous year, standing at over $5B.

Check out the recap below.



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