From Seed round to Exit in 3.5 years: an exhilarating investor journey with Deep Tech portfolio company Streamroot

It all started with a pitch deck

In 2015, Partech’s Seed activity was still in its early days. We had launched Partech Entrepreneur Fund in 2013 — a €30M fund — and in April 2015, we announced the first closing of our second seed fund, Partech Entrepreneur Fund II (eventually oversubscribed at €100 million). The fund aimed at financing seed-stage startups in the U.S. and Europe on the hottest emerging tech topics. One of them was the rise of OTT and how the exponential consumption of online video would stretch existing infrastructure and compression technologies to their limit.

  • develop their sales force to address global markets, with a focus on US broadcasters
  • scale SaaS revenues with a focus on faster customer implementation

Year #1

In 2016, “peer-accelerated content delivery” officially emerged as a new trend for the online video industry players and their greatest challenge: the explosion of video traffic. In this context, Streamroot was one of the very few players in a position to build a leading position in hybrid video delivery.

Year #2

Streamroot had then built a robust, scalable and cost-effective delivery solution that not only enabled online video providers to grow profitably but more importantly to offer a much better video experience to their billions of users around the world. That’s why the company started to work with much bigger clients and major broadcasters worldwide:

Streamroot DNA™ , the most trusted hybrid P2P CDN for live streaming and video on-demand

Fundraising, again!

In 2017, the company was growing but needed more money to expand in the US.

Streamroot’s team in 2018

Year #3

In May 2018, TF1 Group, the largest European media group, selected Streamroot to power its online video offerings. With its MYTF1 digital platform seeing more than 1.3 billion videos viewed in 2017, TF1 sought out state-of-the-art delivery solutions to ensure long-term scalability and profitability.

What a journey ahead!

As a board member from Day 1, I have had a privileged position to see them grow as a team and as a deep tech startup, while helping them navigating the ups and downs of the startup rollercoaster. It has been a hard choice but a wise one to split the founders early on and build a true transatlantic company, with Pierre-Louis driving Business Development from New York, while Nikolay and Axel were building an incredible Operations and Tech team from Paris. This has been key in serving 2,000X more users in 3 years on almost every continent and every time zone, while building on the amazing talent pool of the French Tech.



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